We work across all industry sectors and employment levels. Unlike other employment agencies, who work for and are paid by other companies, we put you front and centre and work exclusively for you.


After an successful initial interview to understand your life and career goals and requirements, we will assemble a tailor made team of experts to help achieve your dreams.

Once we start working together, you can leave it to us to accelerate and do most of the heavy lifting in terms of job search and preparation so that you can focus on shining in the recruitment process and choosing the options that best suit you.

Our extensive network has its finger on the pulse on both advertised and unadvertised job openings. We will take care of tailoring and polishing your introductions, cover letters and curriculum vitae, for each opening, as well as helping you prepare for assessments and interviews with access to specialised training and company due diligence.

In combination with you we will take care of building a profile for you and growing relationships with key influencers and headhunters. We will submit the focused applications and proceed them until you are called for interview, saving you countless hours and introducing you to opportunities you may not have normally had access to.

As the recruitment process proceeds we will help you with expert negotiation advice, to secure the best package for you. Even after you start work we will stay with you to help you achieve your long term career goals.


We work for you. So, we are paid by you. This keeps our interests fully aligned.

We charge 2% of your target salary as an upfront non-refundable fee for setup + 10% of your final agreed salary which is payable once you start work. (10% is less than 6 weeks gross salary)

Please note, it is vital that all of your job search activities are coordinated with us, so these fees are payable irrespective of whether the job opportunity you choose came directly, or indirectly from our or your own efforts.